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Spotted Garden Eels

Spotted garden eels may leave their original burrow to move closer to mates. Garden eels may be small compared to other eel species only half an inch in diameter but what they lack in size they make up for in muscle.

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Garden eels live a strange life.

Spotted garden eels. They are pelagic spawners which means the female releases fertilized eggs into the water. The spotted garden eel resembles a worm with a white body covered in small black spots. The male is much larger and its jaw sticks out further.

The spotted garden eel lives in a sandy burrow that it digs tail first. They anchor themselves to the ocean floor using their own mucus and contort into strange shapes and positions to catch plan. There can be hundreds to thousands of eels in a single colony.

A garden eel s diet is comprised of floating zooplankton brought to it by the water s current. The garden eel will always keep a part of its body inside the burrow even when feeding. Size 24 inches 60 cm diet crustaceans mollusks fish.

The garden eel then coats the sand walls with mucus from its body to cement the sand grains together to prevent collapse. Long thin with a circular cross section 14 millimetres 0 55 in in average diameter and a head of the same diameter as the body. They are sexually dimorphic meaning males and females look different.

The spotted garden eel is a small fish that can reach a maximum length of 40 centimetres 16 in. There are three prominent black patches located on the body. While mating garden eels entwine their upper halves together while their tails remain in their individual burrows.

One of many species in the subfamily heterocongrinae spotted garden eels live in areas with strong currents where they sway together in large groups feeding on passing zooplankton. Spotted garden eels have three large black patches and numerous black spots all over their body large yellow eyes and an upturned mouth. The eggs float until they hatch.

The spotted garden eel is unique from other eels morays snowflakes etc in that it is 100 reef safe. Its body is anguiform eel like.

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